Go clean. Go Green. With EVIG.


How It Works

Energy consulting

The EV-IG team organizes an onsite consultation. During this, the customer and his technical team are informed about the different solutions that can be used for their specific location.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study will be conducted that includes the following:
- Current electrical use
- Future use cases such as e-mobility.
Our technical team will prepare a report showing the best technical solution for the site: solar, battery, wind, hydrogen and future proofing the system for all e-mobility needs, etc.


A proposal with all relevant solutions will be submitted to the customer for review. The customer has the opportunity to discuss his preferred solution. After this discussion, a follow-up meeting is held within 2 weeks to discuss the agreed solution.
At this meeting, the financial aspects and the possible schedule will be clarified.


The engineering planning and design will be developed with project management teams to create an installation schedule that will be coordinated with partner contractors for delivery of required materials.


Based on the project management plan, on-site teams prepare the site for the installation of the preferred solutions. The installation is monitored for safety and schedule throughout the project.


The installation is put into operation as soon as all the necessary safety checks have been completed in accordance with the required standards. EV-IG then trains the customer and hands over the solution.

Energy Visualisation

Depending on the chosen solution, the customer is trained in the use of the delivered software. Within the software, the customer has access to all available energy data.

Maintenance and Service

A maintenance schedule is established to ensure that the optimum energy is always generated. A team of qualified engineers is ready to support the customer.