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On your drive along country roads, motorways you see on the roofs of houses and buildings or in fields, solar installations (photovoltaic systems) more and more often and have wondered what is behind them?

The answer is relatively simple. These photovoltaic systems convert incoming solar radiation into usable energy (electricity) for you. Solar radiation consists of photons, which transport electromagnetic radiation. When these photons hit solar cells, electrons move.

Since solar cells themselves only generate a small amount of usable power, several solar cells are combined to form solar modules. And in turn, several solar modules are combined to form a photovoltaic system. 

There is a rule of thumb for solar modules. Approx. 6m² of solar modules generate approx. 1 kilowatt peak (kWp). This formula can be used to calculate the area required for solar modules to cover an energy demand.

Your Advantages

If you are wondering what the benefits are of using a PV system, let's take a look.

It is clean, pollution-free and noiselessly generated electricity. The electricity is generated where it is used and does not have to be transported. One remains independent of rising electricity prices. In combination with other components and systems, the benefits can also be expanded, for example, to include electromobility.